McGrattan and Parros Battle Again at Bridgestone Arena

The two enforcers dropped the gloves early in Nashville's 3-2 win over the Anaheim Ducks.

Brian McGrattan and George Parros tangled for the second time this season on Saturday night at Bridgestone Arena. (Christine Apple)

On Saturday night at Bridgestone Arena, the Nashville Predators’ Brian McGrattan dropped the mitts against Anaheim’s George Parros for the second time this season.

This time, McGrattan did something he had not done since joining the Predators – he threw a left.

“Sometimes I start out with a left jab,” McGrattan said. “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Last time Parros and McGrattan fought, McGrattan had a clear advantage, sending Parros to the penalty box bloodied. This time, Parros did his best to return the favor. A right hook dislodged McGrattan’s helmet, leaving McGrattan’s entire head open for the brunt of the mustached-enforcer’s attack.

“It’s part of it,” McGrattan said. “He fought me pretty good. You’re not going to have a fight and not get hit.”

For McGrattan, it was his fifth fight this season and his second against Parros. It was the fourth time in their careers that the two players had fought against each other.

“I’ve fought him a number of times and he’s always game,” McGrattan said. “He’s a straight-up, stand-up guy and we always have good ones.”

The two players dropped the gloves at 2:36 of the first period. At the time the game was deadlocked at zero. Nashville would eventually pull away to a 3-2 win. Nashville is 3-0-2 in games that McGrattan drops the gloves. With all stats being relative, it’s not a bad reason for McGrattan to risk taking a couple in the face from George Parros. In addition, McGrattan did land several blows of his own. Unfortunately for him, many of his punches connected with Parros’ helmet.

“We were just kind of going back and forth and he caught me with a couple,” McGrattan said. “Like I said, it’s hard to fight and not get hit.”

While McGrattan has often celebrated after his fights to pump up the crowd, he went quietly and quickly to the penalty box on Saturday night, a sign that the fight did not go quite the way he had hoped.

“I’d call it an even draw.”

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