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PuckCast Episode 8: Codey Holland and Ryan Porth

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this week’s PuckCast, Patten is joined by Codey Holland of Section 303 and Ryan Porth of Smashville 24/7. Topics covered include minor league hockey in Cincinnati, flip flops, indoor regatta and rebel hockey leagues. There’s also an exciting slew of technical glitches at the beginning because LIVE PODCASTIO! CLICK HERE […]

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PuckCast Episode 7: The Lockout Looms

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Jeremy K. Gover from Section 303 and Robby Stanley from Hockey Night in Nashville join the panel to discuss the NHL’s impending lockout, Gary Bettman, the impact on the league and the fans…and whether or not Shea Weber could gain 4 yards on 11 carries against the New England Patriots. CLICK HERE […]

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PuckCast Episode 6: Penalty Box Radio

Justin Bradford, Michael Reed and Big Ben from Penalty Box Radio join the show to discuss Shea Weber, NHL video games, Dragon*Con, Ke$ha and crowd meters, among other bits. Please note – BlogTalkRadio died with 5 minutes left in the podcast…we will never know what Justin had to say about the British lady on Biodome, but we […]

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