Dear NHL, We Need To Talk

If I had an empty chair, I'd be talking to it...

An open letter to an empty chair that Clint Eastwood hasn’t met yet:

NHL, we need to talk.

We had plans. We set aside time for you and you went off and are doing your own thing and you won’t even return our calls.

We have been messaging you for months and you haven’t responded…and we’re supposed to be in a long-term thing here?

Are we even still in a relationship any more?

Seriously, you can’t just come in here later and buy us pretty things and expect this to all be okay. Right now, we are not cool, we are not cool at all.

We thought this relationship was going somewhere. We had a rough patch a few years ago, but we were doing so great together, but now, every day someone asks me how you are, we don’t know.

We just don’t know.

And now you’ve cancelled our plans through November…and you can’t even tell us? We had to find out on Twitter?

What kind of crazy, effed-up b-s is that?

Do you think that you can just keep running out and everytime we’ll come back?

You think sometime maybe we might be able to make plans before the new year, but you aren’t even sure about that?

At this point, do you even care what anyone thinks of you?

Because it sure doesn’t seem like it.

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A native of Franklin, Tennessee, Patten Fuqua is the managing editor of He earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Belmont University in Journalism and Broadcasting.