Write Your Own NHL/NHLPA Negotiation Story

Want to write your own story on the NHL/NHLPA negotiations? No problem! Here’s a quick template that will get the job done right the first time every time!

Negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA broke down again on (TODAY’S DATE).

After a negotiation that lasted (NUMBER) (UNIT OF TIME), neither side was able to come to an agreement.

While initial reports before/during/after (pick one) the negotiations appeared optimistic, the talks reportedly fell through due to the NHL’s/NHLPA’s (pick one) refusal to meet the NHL’s/NHLPA’s (pick one) demand of (DEMAND).

Both sides had agreed to (NEGOTIATING TACTIC), before the meeting, but neither side could agree that any progress was made.

“This was extremely disappointing,” said Bill Daly, NHL deputy commissioner/Donald Fehr, NHLPA executive (pick one).

“We are as far apart as we have ever been,” said Donald Fehr, NHLPA executive/Bill Daly, NHL deputy commisioner (pick one).

If talks are scheduled to resume:

Talks between the two sides are expected to resume again on (DATE).

If no talks are scheduled:

The NHL and NHLPA have no further negotiations planned at the moment. Daly expects them to resume in the next (TIME FRAME) or so. (if relevant)

If Gary Bettman addresses the media:

(QUOTE),” said Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner.

Fehr, however, disagreed.

(QUOTE),” said Fehr.

If no additional games are cancelled:

On (DATE), the NHL cancelled games through (DATE). As it stands, no further cancellations have been announced.

If additional games have been cancelled:

In addition, the NHL announced that all games through (DATE) have been cancelled, marking a grand total of (NUMBER) games cancelled for the 2012-13 season.

Today marked day (NUMBER) of the NHL lockout.

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