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Gay Athletes: Why It Matters

On Sunday, the St. Louis Rams drafted defensive end Michael Sam out of the University of Missouri with the 249th overall pick in the NFL Draft. Sam, who is openly gay, became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL. A year ago, NBA free agent Jason Collins made headlines while coming […]

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When #FancyStats Go Bad: Is Bartley Better Than Chara?

In which Victor Bartley and Norris Trophy are mentioned in the same sentence.

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Barry Trotz: A Hard Act to Replace

I had been a somewhat casual hockey fan prior to becoming a Predators season ticket holder in 2006. I attended my first game in 1999, bought my first ticket in 2004 and having a series of ice packs to get through the post-lockout season in 2005. However, for the 2006-07 season, I took the plunge […]

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Selanne Still Turns Those Frowns Upside-Down

Teemu Selanne has been in the league for over 20 years, he’s scored more goals than all but 10 other NHL players, he’s one a Stanley Cup…and at 42, he’s still one of the most dangerous forwards in the League.

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McElhinney Waiting For One More Chance

Curtis McElhinney has played in 69 NHL games, but he’s spent the greater part of the last two seasons in the AHL. He hopes for one more shot at the big time.

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Vic Bartley: All Star Style

The Milwaukee defenseman's weekend began with a viral video and ended with one of the biggest honors in his career.

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Chris Mason Out To Prove You Can Go Home Again

Chris Mason was one of the most popular Nashville Predators during the team’s first decade. Now he’s back in town with his eyes on hockey’s ultimate prize.

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Chris Mueller Hopes “Mueller Time” Has Arrived

Chris Mueller hopes to do enough in the four-day training camp to crack the Predators’ opening night roster.

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Skate Men Out: How the 1919 Black Sox Scandal Made Gary Bettman

All it took were a few mobsters, some corrupt baseball players, warring owners and a power-hungry Federal judge to set create the first Commissioner in North American sport.

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In Search of Jack Maclellan

An epic tale of one man’s quest to prove the myth of Jack Maclellan.

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Shea Weber: The Hero Nashville Needs Right Now

Weber’s return to Nashville could be reluctant, but it is extremely beneficial to the Predators.

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The Weber Offer Sheet: A Brief Overview

We try to conquer a few of the “What-Ifs” surrounding Shea Weber’s offer sheet from the Flyers.

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Players Departing is Par For The Course in Hockey

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The departures of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise from their former teams were just the latest in a long line of team changes. Only a select few veteran players have played with the same team for their entire careers.

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Predators Add 9 New Prospects In 2012 Draft

Analysis and interviews with Nashville’s newest additions from the 2012 NHL Draft at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

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The 50th NHL Draft: 8 Historical Tidbits

Friday night, the NHL will gather for its 50th Draft in its history at Consol Energy Center at Pittsburgh. We take a look back at some firsts and some oddities of Drafts past.

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Salming, WHA Paved Way For Lidstrom

Nicklas Lidstrom’s legendary career may never have been possible without the efforts of the World Hockey Association’s Winnipeg Jets or Borje Salming to change the perception of Swedish hockey players in North America.

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