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Let’s Make A Deal: Time For Players To End Lockout

As we close in on “Doomsday”, the fate of the 2013 NHL season lies in the NHLPA’s ability to make a compromise.

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Write Your Own NHL/NHLPA Negotiation Story

Want to write your own story on the NHL/NHLPA negotiations? No problem! Here’s a quick template that will get the job done right the first time every time! Negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA broke down again on (TODAY’S DATE). After a negotiation that lasted (NUMBER) (UNIT OF TIME), neither side was able to come to an agreement. […]

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Skate Men Out: How the 1919 Black Sox Scandal Made Gary Bettman

All it took were a few mobsters, some corrupt baseball players, warring owners and a power-hungry Federal judge to set create the first Commissioner in North American sport.

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Dead October: NHL Cancels Games, Shoots Itself in the Foot

The NHL has locked out again and it’s everyone’s fault.

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Picking Scabs: NHL May Have No Choice But to Bring in Replacements

No one wants it to happen and the quality of play it would bring would be slightly higher than dogs on skates, but a move towards replacement players may be inevitable during the Lockout.

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NHLPA Filing Grievance Against Nashville Predators

UPDATE: The Tennessean’s Joshua Cooper has reported via Twitter that the NHLPA has officially filed a grievance against the Predators.

PuckScene.com has confirmed this independently through an NHLPA spokesperson.

The NHLPA is currently reviewing the timing of the qualifying offers submitted by the Nashville Predators, Jonathan Weatherdon, Director of Communications for the NHLPA, confirmed to PuckScene.com on Wednesday afternoon. No player names were mentioned.

The players listed in both Nick Kypreos’ tweet and in Andy Strickland’s original report were Cal O’Reilly, Nick Spaling, Matt Halischuk and Sergei Kostitsyn. David Poile informed Jeremy Gover of Section303.com last week that the Predators had re-signed O’Reilly, but no formal announcement has been released by the team.

Both the Nashville Predators and the NHL have stated that they believe that all paperwork was handed in by the team on time and in the proper manner.

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